History of Leather Brush Art

                       (Korean family traditional art painting)


Leather brush art was started 1600 A.D. and created by You-Duck-Gong. He used pictures of animals, plants and many other images of natures. Over many decades, many talented artists have modified Leather Brush Art. This art is not just graceful to see, but also it gives the person who receives, their luck, wealth,good health, and success.

The symbols on the art mean


Bamboo/Cactus/Palm tree ~Long life      Bird/Rooster ~ Good luck

Butterfly ~ Beauty                        Dolphin/Whale ~ Strength

Dragon ~ Pride and Courage              Fish ~ Energy

             Flower/Penguin ~ Success                Lighthouse ~ happiness

 Rainbow ~ Promise and Dream                    Sea/Sailboat ~ Bright future

Sun ~ Ambition                          Swan ~ Love

             Panda ~ Luxury                          Eagle ~ Independence

             Monkey ~ Be loved                       Cat ~ Bright

            Giraffe ~ Good fortune                   Seal ~ Advance    Etc Thank you                    


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